Statement & Bio



Dreaming is building.

How do you know yourself?


Life is a series of learning experiences followed by periods of analysis and stages of forgetting and remembering, discovering our shortcomings and bridging the gap between who we are and who we would like to become. Dreams are the melting pot where our daily lives meet our fears and our aspirations. They are exciting, scary, pleasurable, hopeful and revealing. When we sleep we are free to experiment with out the confines and consequences of waking life. Dreamers take the world apart and put it back together in new and unusual ways.


My sculptural works are mainly derived from life-castings of my own body and the bodies of friends and relatives. I am interested in identity. How do we become who we are? How are we built? How do our bodies define and defy our personalities? How do we know ourselves when we are out of context? I take bits of memory, fragments of the body, moments of personal experiences, and mix them with the unknown. I prefer working with the body as a tool to explore the sensation of being alive and moving through this world with the bodies we were born in.  My work mimics a living growth process. The result is my dream world realized.




Ann Holley was born in the summer of 1980 in the foothills of Colorado. During her childhood years she developed an appreciation for the body she grew up in and the outdoors that manifested itself through youthful-arty-experimentation. Not much has changed since then except now she has a degree in fine art and a few jobs. Also, instead of calling it play she calls it art (when it’s going well).